145 Kala Ghoda

145, Kala Ghoda. An ‘All Day Cafe & Bar’. Rightly said ‘noon to moon’! Interesting isn’t? The place seemed old yet ambiance was good and so was the menu, with Indian dishes combined with a western touch. I really liked their serving’s style! Unlike the contemporary plates they had marble boards which was new and completely-not-expected. The best moment was when I was served with an ice candy! It reminded me of my childhood memories when all friends enjoyed it together on hot summer afternoons. 🙂 Now that’s how you delight a customer. Impressed!  Here are some mouth-watering dishes that I had.

1. Nutella Milkshake


A very creatively served milkshake with Kitkat, gems and frozen chocolate syrup, frothy cream and the base being the Nutella milkshake.

2. Hummus Pita Spiced Chicken


Spiced hummus and grilled chicken served with pita. The grilled chicken, fried onions and pita. Now that something new I had!

3. Animal Style Fries


Community fries topped with cheese, caramelized onion and a secret sauce. A board full of French fries with cheese, spring onion and their secret sauce.

4. Chota Shawarmas


Lebanese grilled chicken served with tzatziki onions and pickled vegetables. Not very spicy but had strong flavor of mayonnaise and jalapeno.

And this is what I received as a complementary dish! This one made my day.:-)



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  1. elle says:

    These are all very unusual look dishes! Looks like a lot of fun! Where is this? Is this in India?

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    1. Nivedita Dafade says:

      Thank you for dropping by my blog. 🙂 Yes this is India. All of them were unusual and very tasty!

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      1. elle says:

        I am constantly surprised and impressed at the creativity of food in India. Indian cuisine is heavenly 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nivedita Dafade says:

        Yes they are. 🙂 You will get a wide variety of cuisine all over India. Each dish has its unique preparation style and taste that makes it a heavenly delight.
        Thank you so much again. 🙂

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  2. Geo The Leo says:

    Those animal style fries….wow!!

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