Vegetable Paneer Fingers

The crispy fingers. My mum, who is a doctor, often has doctors meet. These meets, particularly being in sophisticated hotels, have great food to binge upon. Many a times I accompany her to, of course, hear the speech that is given by the respective doc or specialist and also to taste the food. Well, I…

Paneer-Spinach Toast

The crispy spinach toast. As a kid, I always liked ‘The Popeye show’. A happy and cheerful cartoon character, who ate spinach whenever he needed instant energy to fight Bluto. From that time, I always wondered what is so special about spinach?

Tapioca Sago (Sabudana Khichdi)

The Tapioca side dish. Whenever the elders of the house had fast, my grandmother made Sabudana Khichdi (Tapioca Sago). After all the fasting people had ate, we kids too were given a bite

Dahi Puri

The Mumbai special. Dahi Puri… Being a Mumbaikar, I am a fan of pani puri, dahi puri and bhel. They are all quick and tasty recipes.

Mini Vegetable Pizza

The home made pizza. Whenever we hear the word pizza, our taste buds peak. Having had different varieties of pizzas, one still goes back for more. The first time I made one was when all siblings were together.

Besan Ladoo

The Diwali special. Diwali, a festival of lights. In India, it’s the most widely/largely celebrated festival. It is celebrated consecutively for 5 days. Lighting diyas, making colourful rangolis, preparing delicacies, packing of gifts, shopping are all part of this vibrant festival.

Dry Fruit Barfi

The sweet & healthy. My first sweet dish. Sweets are mostly made up of milk products which gives them the sweet taste, but the addition of dry fruits in this particular sweet dish really brought out the best of both.

Vegetable Noodles

The veggie Chinese. A simple and easy recipe to make that can fulfill anyone’s and everyone’s appetite. Noodles are an explored and experimented food, not only by the native Chinese but also a wide variety of other cultures.

Chicken Keema

The fine chicken dish. Having tried a lot of vegetarian dishes, I now thought of trying a non-vegetarian one. A chicken dish is made in variety of ways in different parts of the world. What we Maharashtrians usually use is a mix of spices that brings out an unparalleled taste.

Onion Bhajiya

One for Grandpa. This recipe is dedicated to my grandpa, who now is 80 years old. 🙂 Whenever he is bored with the contemporary food, he very subtly asks me to make it and I enjoy making it too.

Vegetable Paneer Puff

The palate puff. A recipe that came to my mind just out of the blue! My mum had got many veggies from the market and she happened to keep them loose. And there it was! Why not make a vegetable puff from it?! With such a palate of nature right in front of you, how…

Coconut Modak

Name festivals, and we all relate it to some specific or popular dish that makes our mouth water. And this is the festival of modaks that Lord Ganesha has always been fond of and relishes the most. So here’s a recipe that He loves to dwell into. Well, we love it too. 😛